I wanna cut it for locks of love hollaaa
my mom throws a party and i end up in my room living off this for the day

-but its ok bc i’m practicing for college ya know-
w3st$ide wut up
str8 thuggin
oh so I changed my sisters lock screen the other day..
I can be a narcissistic little fuck sometimes but I’m in love with my hair in this picture ok sorry not sorry
I want another piercing now
possible hair/makeup(minus mascara) for prom..
I wish I had extensions my hair is hella thin um umm suggestions anyone??
westside bitch
shoot me before I shoot myself just get me the fuck out of here already
I just want this without feeling like I broke my back afterwards sighs no hope for being in a cirque show anymore
sighs I did find a prom dress in Vegas though so yeah
creeper face
went to school for two hours to read national geographic magazines in art class by myself then came home early. now these three are having a party in my room aw
faggot fell asleep on me again help